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We make coffee for the people who appreciate what we do. We want to give you the most friendly coffee experience in Amsterdam. Because this tiny moment, that moment that your zip your coffee and time falls away... (yes we can see that), that's what we want to achieve.


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Our team

We are here for you.
Dedicated to give you the best coffee experience in our lovely city Amsterdam.


Founder of Caffè il Momento (2013)

It’s all about your moment. Allow yourself to enjoy it.


Amsterdam | Barista

“Every morning I like to pour myself a cup of ambition”


Amsterdam | Shopmanager

Australian Barista Expert, let me make you a stunning flat white.


Libanon | Shopmanager

Australian Barista Expert. Instant human! Just add coffee.


Amsterdam | Barista

You can’t buy happiness, but our coffee will make you happy!


Paris | Barista

Good coffee of course, so let me give you a wonderful momento


Germany | Barista

It’s just so good over here, that I don’t know what to say!



Male Barista
A tough guy who can handle all our lady barista’s!

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